Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year or Feliz Ano Viejo

In Ecuador the celebration today is to usher out the old year. There are very large speakers all over Mindo, music had been blaring all day in the streets and  people are happy. Wishing you a Happy New Year full of interesting new experiences!

Man on the street, not too much traffic so everyone walks in the street.

I love this photograph.

Masks are for sale for the celebration. At midnight effigies and masks are burned in a bonfire at the park, a popular figure to burn for many years has been our President Bush.

More masks for sale by a young person.

Beautiful girls.

New Year's, or Old Year's decoration.

Time for a haircut.

At our internet cafe.

A poster for tonight's festivities, it's going to be a big celebration!

A store front for activities in Mindo.

Our hotel room for just one night, tonight. The Dragonfly Inn next to a river that I hope will drown out some of the  partying tonight.

Dragonfly Inn.

Same place, one of the corridors.

Mindo Canopy Adventure (Zip Line)

Yesterday Ian and I went to the top of a mountain and zipped around for a bit.  The ride up on a 3 wheeled vehicle was part of the fun! 

A collection of this very popular transportation here in Mindo.
You wouldn't believe how bumpy the ride was!!! No shocks and our butts were off the seat in mid air for some of the ride! Lots of laughing.

Our trusty driver.

The view from the back seat.

I did the one on the far right.... The Mariposa.

Getting ready.

All ready to go... kind of.

Me doing the Mariposa, which means butterfly. It was fun!

One of our guides showing us the ropes.

After we had the whole place to ourselves a large group came in. We stayed so I could photograph them.

A demonstration.

Understandably tentative.

A little heap from the guide. I did it all by myself, so did Ian.

A real mariposa.
The walk back to town.
View of Mindo from up on the mountain.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

People of Mindo

Some images from my walks around Mindo.  I've taken 3800 photos for far, and still want to take more! 

Ian and I will be in Mindo for the New Year celebration and head back to Quito, the big city, on Friday. Tonight we'll go listen to the Frog Concert on a lagoon with our friends Gary and Karen, today we hurled ourselves down a zip line in the jungle canopy. Photos to come, we survived! 

Just hanging around. The pace is much slower here.

A series of photos, I couldn't decide which one to use and Ian suggested I use them all. They tell the story of how beloved the children are. I love the dog, too!

Birding near the river that is used for river rafting daily.



Visiting in the middle of the street with plants on the roof....??

Most shops are open to the outside all the time.